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When suffering from debilitating neck or back pain, you may consider spine surgery. Jose Valerio, MD, is a fellowship-trained spine surgeon who specializes in using minimally invasive tools and techniques to perform spine surgery so patients recover faster. To schedule a spine surgery consultation, call his office in South Miami, Hialeah, or Weston, Florida, or book an appointment online today.

Spine Surgery Q & A

  • What is spine surgery?

    Spine surgery refers to any procedure performed on your spine to treat a spinal condition. Your spine is made up of a series of bones and intervertebral discs, all held together by ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
    Your spine runs from the bottom of your skull to the top of your buttocks and includes your cervical (neck), thoracic (mid-back), and lumbar (lower back) spine. It supports the weight, stability, and mobility of your upper body and protects your spinal cord.

    Your spine also serves as the exit point for all the nerves that go to the organs and tissues throughout your body.

    Any condition that affects the structure or function of your spine can have a significant impact on your entire body. Structural changes in your spine may also compress or irritate your spinal cord or spinal nerves, causing various pain symptoms.

  • Am I a candidate for spine surgery?

    Schedule a consultation with Dr. Valerio to see if you’re a candidate for spine surgery. He’s an experienced and skilled spine surgeon who takes a patient-centered approach to care.

    Dr. Valerio conducts a comprehensive evaluation to determine if spine surgery is a good choice for you. He talks to you about your surgical options, and together, you decide how to proceed.

    When you have a spine condition that affects your daily life and medical interventions no longer help, then spine surgery may be right for you.

  • What conditions benefit from spine surgery?

    Dr. Valerio is a spine surgeon with experience addressing many neck and back problems. Conditions Dr. Valerio treats with spine surgery include:
    ● Spinal deformities● Scoliosis● Failed back surgery● Degenerative spine disease● Peripheral nerve compression● Cervical disc herniation● Lumbar disc herniation● Compression fractures● Sacrum fractures● Spinal stenosis● Spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebra in the lower back)● Sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction
    Dr. Valerio is also a fellowship-trained neurosurgical oncologist and performs spine surgery to remove tumors. 

  • What are the types of spine surgery?

    There are many types of spine surgery that address various spine conditions. When performing spine surgery, Dr. Valerio uses minimally invasive approaches whenever possible to reduce tissue damage, recovery time, and post-surgery pain.
    Types of spine surgery he performs include:
    ● Spinal decompression surgery● Cervical disc arthroplasty● Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)● Lumbar microdiscectomy● Lumbar interbody fusion● SI joint fusion
    Dr. Valerio also performs laser treatment when appropriate for spine surgery procedures. 
    At his practice, Dr. Valerio does an exhaustive medical diagnosis and offers the best treatments available. Find out more about your spine surgery treatment options by calling the office of Jose Valerio, MD, or booking an appointment online today.

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